Bald Head Island: A Gratitude Journal

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I recently returned from a week-long vacation on Bald Head Island. If you haven’t heard of this magical place, it’s a small island off the North Carolina coast. There are very few cars on the island (police vehicles, garbage trucks, maintenance, etc); everyone gets around on golf carts and bicycles. It’s a relaxed, slow-paced, wonderful place to be. And these are some of the things I miss the most:

entering the harbor on the ferry to BHI

Living on beach time. 

the coastscoping out beach houses

Listening to my body – napping whenever it felt right, guerrilla yoga whenever I felt like it.

beach and ocean inspired decor

Beach reads. Gratitude journaling. Coffee. A little trio of perfection.

latte, gratitude journal, beach book

Daily ice cream runs. Duh.

key lime pie and meyer lemon cardamom ice cream sandwiches

chewy, creamy, refreshing, and decadent ice cream sandwiches!

Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Investigating jumping fish and discovering the cause of their jumping: a pod of dolphins making their way by! Throw in some tiny shark sightings and you’ve got a perfect day!

rolling clouds over the atlantic

sunglasses and beach hair

Creating amateur beach art.

heart-shaped seashell mosaic

Contributing to and partaking in delicious food.

green smoothie, breakfast wrap with black beans and quinoa

The coolest wildlife. Everywhere you look.

the smallest lizard I've ever seen

our local golf course  swamp gator

Stumbling upon a sea turtle nest excavation on our last night on the island. Unfortunately, most of these shots came out quite blurry. Baby sea turtles are squirmy little things, after all.

freshly excavated baby sea turtle 3 baby sea turtles squirming in the sand baby sea turtles struggling through the sand out to sea

Night after night of incredible sunset after incredible sunset. 

sun setting over the atlantic oceanAnd of course, spending the week having super cool conversations with amazing people. Miss you all already. xx

2 thoughts on “Bald Head Island: A Gratitude Journal

  1. Aww, this looks and sounds amazing! I love little turtles <3 When I was on Gili Meno, they were releasing some turtles into the ocean – it was so, so, so adorable! It takes a time for them to find their inner compass, and navigate their way into the water – while still knowing where to return to, but once they get going… Makes you tear up!

    So great to hear you've had such a wonderful time recharging; that bed looks soo comfy!

    1. They were super cute. It was definitely an emotional experience to see them making their way out into the waves. :3

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