Badakonasana/ cobbler pose

A Challenging Month

30 Day Blogging Challenge, Personal

Hihi, internet. It’s been a while, but I wanted to leave a little update. You know, stay in touch and stuff. Here are some fun things I’m hoping to spend some time on this month! 

Goal #1: Let go of perfectionism.

I’ve had a lot of trouble in the last few months finding focus and so here I am trying to find it. I’m always concerned with trying to find something “worth” writing about, and making sure I have workable photos, et cetera. In the interest of letting go of this stifling perfectionism, I decided to join a 30-day blog challenge to help keep me accountable and to hopefully become a better writer. And with that kind of pressure hanging over my shoulders, I can’t imagine there being enough time to obsess over putting together a perfect post by which I mean that I want to feel less self-conscious about what I’m putting out. If I stick to it, I can only imagine you’ll be hearing a lot more from me. I should probably also note that there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your all into something and making it as good as it can be. But I specifically want to practice being more consistent which is why I’m allowing myself this flexibility. 

Goal #2: Become a better writer.

I’m also trying to do this thing where I write a thousand words a day, which was inspired by this article. They can be about anything that I feel like, but I have to do it regardless of how I feel. I’m already kind of feeling the strain of the “regardless of how I feel” caveat because I started one of these sessions while I was in bed yesterday morning and ended up falling back to sleep after 200 words (don’t worry, I finished the other 800 later). But other times, it feels great. The words just come pouring out of me, easy peasey. I’ve found, so far, that it’s much easier to do stream-of-consciousness writing than writing with a purpose. Again, it’s an exercise in accepting imperfection, because there truly is a lot of garbage with maybe a single good line or two sprinkled in. And learning to take the bad with the good. Discipline and overall writing ability are two areas that I’m really passionate about focusing right now. 

Goal #3: Find peace through structure.

Okay. So I’m doing yet ANOTHER challenge. On Instagram. Kino MacGregor and her cohorts are hosting a detox yoga challenge for the month of April, and, thus far, I’ve been pretty dilligent about making sure I’m posting my daily posture photo. It’s a lot to remember to do everyday, but I’ve always been the kind of person who thrives in a structured environment. I love checklists and schedules and calendars and probably most other things you can think of along that vein. And, you know, homework. And school. And school supplies. Paper. New notebooks. Unf.

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