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I’m Changing

I’ve found it really challenging to stay active in this space over the last year or so. That isn’t because I don’t care about health and nutrition anymore, because I definitely do. In fact, I’m probably more passionate about my personal food journey at this point in time than I have been since I was actually in nutrition school, and that’s… Read more →

a hot mug of immunity elixir and manuka honey

Sweet and Spicy Immunity Elixir

It’s snowing outside right now. And after an oddly warm start to our winter, I still haven’t quite transitioned properly into winter wear. When possible, I can still be found rocking my leather jacket and Chuck Taylor’s. It’s no surprise that sitting at home on this cold afternoon, I have an equally nasty cold. All the usual suspects are there:… Read more →

pile of wellness, design, and technology books to read in 2016

2016 Goal Setting

  Happy New Year, my lovelies! I hope your 2016 is off to a wonderful start. To kick off a new year of blogging, sharing, and community, here is a breakdown of some goals and projects that I want to tackle in the upcoming year. Declutter My intention around decluttering is to minimize the distractions in my life that come… Read more →

bowl of roasted beet hummus with a side of crackers

Roasted Beet Hummus

This post comes to you, with a whopping heap of love, from a gorgeous cottage in Muskoka. The same cottage, in fact, from which I wrote this photo diary and this post, giving you some tips for developing awesome new habits. Cottage life tends to make me deliriously happy — maybe it’s all that fresh air? This morning, I got… Read more →

Craigslist Joe Review

So, I saw this documentary not too long ago. Craigslist Joe is about the eponymous Joe, a man who decides to live completely off of Craigslist for a whole month. Everything, from food to shelter to entertainment, must come from Craigslist. And so, starting out in California, he makes this journey across America (twice!) living off of the kindness and… Read more →